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Bob and Lola of LoRusso Studios are a husband and wife team of Philadelphia Area Wedding Photographers focused on Fine Art, Wedding Photography.  While primarily focusing on Philadelphia, they shoot weddings in the most elegant venues in NY, NJ and many other areas of PA.  According to Lola, “We  love to shoot weddings – it’s our absolute passion! Our love for photography began about 20 years ago while we were both active duty military  in the US Air Force. Once we shot our first wedding, we were hooked, and knew we would devote ourselves to the field of Wedding Photography. We are very honored to be part of such an important time in the lives of our clients, and take our assignments on with complete devotion. Our style is artistic yet classic and elegant, which we believe will stand the test of time for our clients.  Our goal on the wedding day is to fully and expertly document our client’s wedding day and to create beautiful, unique, artistic imagery for them to enjoy for years to come — either in their wedding album or on the walls of their home, or both!”

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Meet Bob

Although I’m from New Jersey,  I’ve lived in  Mississippi, California and England.  While I was in the Air Force,  I  circumnavigated the globe on 4 separate occasions. I’ve traveled to over 100 countries, which is not as glamorous as it sounds, but it was sure fun! Having seen so many places and different backdrops, I’m always looking for that one-of-a-kind shot. That’s the artistic side of me, always seeing great backdrops and cataloging them in my mind and waiting for the opportunity to use them with our clients. Weddings still surprise me, and I love the idea of a printed picture hanging on a wall or in a book, and someday it being referred to as an “old photograph.”  I want to be the photographer who captured those someday-old and timeless photographs.

I love the sound of a guitar being tuned.  I can listen to my son play for hours. My dog sleeps upside down on the couch in the studio, I laugh every time I see him do it. Sherlock The Great! I don’t watch TV, unless you count hockey.  Go Rangers!

Lola and I met while we were in the Air Force stationed in England.  She has worked 6 feet from me for the last 5 years, and we are still married!!! That is saying something!  It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I love her! She truly keeps LoRusso Studios running and is an incredible photographer.

Meet Lola

I’m a transplant from Charleston, South Carolina, but I’ve been here so long, I now consider myself a Jersey Girl. I adore weddings. I love helping our clients prepare for their day and then sharing it with them. I still cry a little at weddings, each one is completely special for me. When photographing a wedding, I look for the moments of love, laughter, and especially the tears, because at weddings, all tears are good tears! I put a great deal of effort in before, during, and after our client’s wedding day to ensure their day and their images are nothing less than perfect.

I love my family and all things related to family ;-)  I adore movies and I’m a total sap for romantic comedies! My husband Bob is truly the yin to my yang, and on some days, my polar opposite, but it works well for us, especially in what we do! He is one of the most compassionate people I know, and a true artist in every sense of the word. Although he is well studied and very experienced in the craft of photography, he has a keen eye and this amazing ability to create art in any environment we are shooting. He has an incredible gift and I continue to be totally in awe of his talents!


Nothing makes us happier than doing what we love and sharing it with others.  Visit our galleries to see if we are a match for your wedding day vision: Wedding Photography Portfolio, Engagement Photography Portfolio, Philadelphia Wedding Photography, and NJ Wedding Photography  

For more specific information about our photography services, please fill out our Contact Page