July 25, 2009

Erin & Mike are a really great couple that live just around the corner from us.  It was a pleasure to meet both families and Erin’s little mischievous tux wearing ball of fur.  He helped put on the garter… well sort of…. he finally ripped off the bow :(  He stole the show for awhile, but as Erin finished getting ready there was no mistaking that it was her day… she looked incredible!  The wedding party was a blast and were up for just about anything including jumping around in 100% humidity.  During the reception we were able to step outside and get a shot of Erin in front of a school bus with Mike at the wheel.  As it got later and the partying really started, there were some stellar performances on the dance floor.  Truly a great time, we wish you both the best of luck.












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July 12, 2009

A Beautiful Lucien’s Manor Wedding just for Amy & Jeff

With Amy & Jeff getting ready just across the hall form each other it was fun trying to keep them from seeing each other prior to their first meeting.  The 10 or so women a buzz with excitement were no match for the 8 guys packed into the room across the hall.  Prior to the ceremony we set off for Philadelphia with plans for multiple locations and plenty of time for photographs… well the mean streets of Philly had another idea! Traffic going over the bridge was backed up and it took twice as long as it should have to get there.  Deciding to go straight to the Art Museum paid off and we were able to capture some great images just in time to get back in the limo and make it to Lucien’s Manor back over the bridge in Berlin, NJ.  Amy & Jeff surrounded by friends and family had a wonderful evening filled with dancing and partying.  As most who follow the blog know, I love kids at weddings, especially on the dance floor!  The little guy shown below did not disappoint, he worked the floor the entire evening… matter of fact he owned that dance floor! Best of luck to you both.

Enjoy this sampling of images from this Elegant Lucien’s Manor Wedding






Photograph by Sue Burrough



Lucien's Manor Wedding - Tables set






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July 11, 2009

After making our way through several road blocks due to large street fair which closed Kings Highway in Haddonfield NJ, Lindsey walked down the same aisle of the beautiful First Presbyterian Church that her mother did when she was married!  After the ceremony, we procedded to Pine Hill Country Club in Pine Hill NJ.  While guest partied and readied themselves for the night’s festivities, we set out on golf carts to capture some amazing images.  Concentrating on photographing Lindsey & Todd, I neglected to keep track of our route… (I should have dropped bread crumbs).  The rolling hills of Pine Hill make it almost impossible for the unfamilar to figure out where the heck you are in realtion to the club house…. With thunder clouds looming, all I could think of was Lindsey & Todd being announced at the reception soaking wet!  But after a frantic couple of minutes at break neck speeds we came around the bend and we were back to the club safely :)

Best of luck to you both, we had a  wonderful time.







Photograph by Sue Burrrough


Photograph by Sue Burrough











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June 20, 2009

Another wet and rainy wedding day.   Where did summer go?  Well, regardless of what the weather is doing, weddings are defined by family, friends and of course the bride and groom.  Nick and Emily didn’t complain once about all the rain!  We just continued as planned as if the weather were not a factor and got so many great images.  When I arrived at Emily & Nick’s home, I immediately noticed a few renovation projects in process :)  To say they are making a home is an understatement… they are literally making their home!  Most of the walls downstairs were bare studs and did not have sheet rock on them.  The boxes and wiring were all exposed.  Floors, stairs, back bedrooms, hallway and a new bathroom are completed and look wonderful!  Emily & Nick are so proud of the work they are doing that I decided to embrace the renovations and work them into their images.  After a wonderful service at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Cherry Hill, NJ, we headed over to the Croft Art Farm were we proceeded to work between rain showers shooting around the many structures.  Arriving at the Venice Plaza in time for their cocktail hour, they were able to relax for a bit and get ready for the night’s festivities…From their entrance to the final dance, Nick and Emily danced with unbridled energy and passion.  Although Nick might have been a little overzealous with cake, the resulting image was hilarious and is like none I’ve captured before.  You will not see that one below–for Nick and Emily only… Sorry!  Thanks again to Sue Burrough for her assistance in documenting the event .  Emily & Nick, we wish you the best of luck and enjoy the honeymoon you already went on :) Bob





Photograph by Sue Burrough












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June 18, 2009

Be careful what you ask for… you might just get it!  And so glad I did.  It all started with a comment I left about a wonderful image that Sue Burrough had taken of  a recent newborn.  Sue asked if I was serious about joining her during one of her newborn sessions.  Having not had the opportunity to photograph a baby in years (the one I have went and grew up on me), I jumped at the chance.  Baby Clara was just so content to sit and watch as we worked around her.  Not having been around a baby this young in 14 years caught me a slightly off guard.  I was getting something out of my bag, I looked up and Sue was undressing the baby.  I had forgotten how small and delicate they are.  Sue had to move some stuff and asked if I would pick the baby up while she did.  It all comes back in an instant and I held baby Clara as Sue rearranged baskets.  The big difference between a guy and a girl photographing a newborn, is maternal instinct! The baby fussed slightly.  Sue knew just what to do and went over, picked up the baby, and burped her!  We were back to shooting in no time!   Thanks to Sue for letting me tag along.  Melissa, you have a beautiful little daughter… hope you enjoy the images.









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