June 18, 2009

Be careful what you ask for… you might just get it!  And so glad I did.  It all started with a comment I left about a wonderful image that Sue Burrough had taken of  a recent newborn.  Sue asked if I was serious about joining her during one of her newborn sessions.  Having not had the opportunity to photograph a baby in years (the one I have went and grew up on me), I jumped at the chance.  Baby Clara was just so content to sit and watch as we worked around her.  Not having been around a baby this young in 14 years caught me a slightly off guard.  I was getting something out of my bag, I looked up and Sue was undressing the baby.  I had forgotten how small and delicate they are.  Sue had to move some stuff and asked if I would pick the baby up while she did.  It all comes back in an instant and I held baby Clara as Sue rearranged baskets.  The big difference between a guy and a girl photographing a newborn, is maternal instinct! The baby fussed slightly.  Sue knew just what to do and went over, picked up the baby, and burped her!  We were back to shooting in no time!   Thanks to Sue for letting me tag along.  Melissa, you have a beautiful little daughter… hope you enjoy the images.









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  • Incredible!

  • WOW!! These shots of baby Clara are wonderful! As her mom, i cannot get over the sensitivity you captured in these pictures – it almost moved me to tears! I am so glad that we met and you took these amazing pictures, you are a gifited photographer!

  • Another set of incredible images – I knew Melissa would be thrilled.

  • Melissa, it makes it easy when you have beautiful subjects :) I’m so glad you enjoyed them–that means everything to me! Thank you!
    Take care.