May 15, 2010

Ocean City NJ Wedding – New Jersey Shore!

I know we say this over and over, but it’s still true.  Our clients are awesome and we’re so lucky to witness such an important day in their lives.  Every wedding is unique, but the emotions remain the same:  love, tenderness, and joy (just to name a few).  And each and every time, we feel truly honored to have been entrusted to capture these memories for our couples.  Heather and Jason are one such couple—simply awesome.  We were amazed at Heather’s grace and ease on her wedding day.  No nervousness, no, not here.  She exuded a calmness that only comes from knowing you are marrying your soul mate.  This pretty much set the tempo for the entire day and we really enjoyed being with this couple and their families so much.  Did I mention Heather had not one but two wedding dresses?  She loved each dress and just couldn’t decide between them, so she wore both!  Yeah, that’s how she rolls!  Isn’t she lovely?  Heather and Jason, thank you so much for bringing us into your lives and entrusting us to tell your wonderful love story.

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Ocean City NJ Wedding Details:

Venue:  Great Bay Country Club, Somers Point, New Jersey

Floral Design: Bayview Florist

Hair and Makeup: Andrea Sheehan and Ashley Devlin

Entertainment: Chris Matthews

brideal portrait looking up at beach

groom with arms folded standing on beach in ocean city nj

bride leaning on rail with girls behind her

bride leaning out of trolly with umbrella

bride and groom just after ceremony shaking hands with guest on beach

bride and groom in front of whale mural in ocean city nj

bride and groom spinning on boardwalk in ocean city nj

bride and groom standing on jetty surf crashing behind in ocean city nj

bride running on beach in ocean city nj with tule streaming behind her

wedding party jumping on ocean city beach

bride and groom holding hands walking on ocean city beach

bride and groom spinning and laughing on beach in ocean city nj

photo of bride and groom standing in the surf on ocean city nj beach

bride and groom entering the reception to applause of guest at great bay country club somers point nj

photo of bride and dad first dance

video light photo of bride spinning on dance floor with blurred dress at great bay country club somers point nj

video light photo of bride leaning on wall at great bay country club in somers point nj

video light photo of bride lounging on couch at great bay country club somerss point nj

bride and groom kissing in video light photographe at great bay country club in somers point nj

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  • Every picture taken is just astounding. From the Bride’s dance with her father, to the beaches, to the bride and groom. You’ve really been able to capture the obvious love they have for each other. It’s as if I attended the wedding myself and I wasn’t even there. Each portrait tells its own story and you two have done a fabulous job!

  • Truly amazing once again! I love that you’ve captured the essence of the entire wedding day in just these few images. I cannot wait until our wedding!

  • Absolutely stunning. I love the way the color pops out. The yellow flowers are amazing. You just continue to give such a new and personal touch to each and every wedding.

  • Your pictures are gorgeous, as always!!!

  • Fantastic set of wedding photos, really great all the way through but your couple shots and individual portraits deserve special mention because they are fabulaous, loving the shots of the couple on the beach.

  • *Gorgeous* wedding photos Bob, every one of them. I love your subtle use of texture and composition – my favorite is probably the one with the bride, groom and whales :)

  • Stunning series of images, but I really love the bride holding her veil in the wind. Beautiful work throughout your blog.

  • I continue to be blown away by your talent!

  • I’m drooling over the colors, the blurry background and the energy. Lovely set!

  • I don’t know this couple and these pictures bring tears to my eyes. You should submit your work to magazines. You are gifted.
    Keep it up!