April 09, 2008

I never thought I would see the day Bobby would stand between the pipes and try and stop that little 6oz piece of rubber.  I came home from work one day and he was in our family room with my goalie pads on his legs.  He said “they fit, I want to play hockey”.  At least I didn’t have to buy him all his own equipment, just hope we both don’t have a game on the same night.  He is playing High School (RV JVB) spring hockey as an 8th grader, and is doing well.  I took this picture of his first game, and have not taken any images since.  I have shot almost every one of his baseball, football  and just about everything else he has done for the last 13 years, and have missed actually seeing all of them.  When you shoot every single play you really don’t see the game, you only see bits and pieces of it, half the time I would ask the umpire standing next to me what the score was, I would have no idea.  I actually didn’t even bring my camera to his last game, that way there would not even be the temptation.  My camera is almost an addiction, it hard to leave the house without it.  I will probably shoot at least one or two more times this season, just to make sure I have the perfect shot of him.  


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