August 03, 2009

NJ Shore – Beach Engagement Photography session!

Jamie & Roger’s wedding is coming up next weekend!  This past Monday we got to spend some time with them down in Ocean City NJ.  As the sun was going down Tyler and Joey stole the show, they are two of the nicest & well behaved kids!  They were having a blast running and jumping in the sand.  As we finished up on the beach Roger drove his motorcycle up on to the boardwalk, I quickly set up a soft box and grabbed some cool shots before Ocean City‘s finest had any idea.  With the sun set we moved down towards Wonderland and of course got some shots with  the Ferris Wheel.  Finishing up at the tilt-a-whirl we said good by and Jamie, Roger and the kids who then got to spend some actually on the rides instead of being photographed in front of them.  Hope you guys had fun… we did.  See you next weekend for the big day!

Enjoy this sampling of some fantastic beach engagement photography. By the way here is a link to Rodger and Jamie’s spectacular Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding in Clermont, NJ.

couple on boardwalk with motorcycle - beach engagement photography




Beach Engagement Photography - Ferris Wheel

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