June 06, 2009

Jennifer & Michael who live in Colorado arrived early in the week for their wedding in Wildwood, NJ.  Jennifer and the girls got ready in StarLux hotel.  Billed as the hippest, most unique boutique hotel on the Jersey Shore it is a full of retro decor, lava lamps and funky colors & shapes.  As Jennifer was getting ready the local community held a parade in her honor…. well ok, it was NJ State Elks Convention parade, but it just added a nice touch to an already special day.  After a beautiful ceremony at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church all the guest made there way to the boardwalk via trolly for a group photograph.  As the guest headed off to the cocktail hour Jennifer, Mike and wedding party worked their way down the board walk stopping to play a few games and enjoy themselves.  With the wedding parry finished and on their way to the reception, Jenn & Mike strolled up the boardwalk browsing then many T-Shirt shops along the way… as I turned around I saw the torso of a female mannequin wearing a pair of panties with a totally inappropriate saying (although extremely funny)  Jenn turned beat red… saying she had the same pair… so of course we had to take a few pic’s…. non of which you will see below.   After our boardwalk excursion we headed off to the reception at Uries Waterfront Restaurant were the reception was well underway.  Walking past the DJ, i saw something that I have not seen in quite some time… turntables.  Later on that evening it would become evident why Mike chose a DJ that still spun records.  With the party in full swing Mike stepped behind the 3 turntables put a headset over one ear and started to really work this setup… the crowd went wild as Mike obviously had done this before :)  From there on out the dancing really picked up and everone had a blast…..  We wish you guys the best of luck.  Special thanks to Marlena Clarkson for her help this weekend.







img_0797-1-edit.jpgimg_1156-1-edit.jpg img_1277-1-edit.jpgimg_1324-edit.jpgimg_0572-edit.jpgimg_1511-edit.jpg


 Photograph by Marlena Clarkson

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  • fantastic photography. I’m so happy Jenn & Mike had you as their photographer. Some really great shots here. The one that really captures their spirit is the shot on the trolly. They are both so open to the adventure. Made me tear up with happiness.

    Friend of the bride and groom.

  • Amazing photos!!! I am so impressed with these! Cannot wait to see the rest! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  • Bob, we are speechless! These photos are absolutely amazing. In just these few pictures, you have captured our celebration so appropriately. It was an honor to have you as our artist for the day. You have a gift! We cannot wait to see the rest of the photos. Thank you, thank you! -The Salvatores