We love shooting engagement sessions!  It’s a fun way to get to know our couples  and not be tied to a timeline like we are on the wedding day.  It also helps our couples to relax in front of the camera on their wedding day knowing they will have fun and their pictures will be awesome!  Our engagement sessions are shot at a location of your choosing.   Plan to spend approximately two hours together late in the day and early evening for the best possible lighting conditions.  More important, plan to relax, HAVE FUN and make beautiful images!

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that will help you to prepare for your engagement session:

Q: What should I wear?

A: You can wear just about anything for an engagement session from jeans and a T-shirt, to formal wear.  It’s recommended that you wear comfortable clothing that reflects your individual style and personality, unless of course, your session is formal or themed.   We do like to see the ladies in a little bit of a heeled shoe for some shots, but it’s not a requirement.  Some of our brides-to-be bring along two clothing options, so they can change, if desired.

Wear shirt/top colors that are complimentary to each other (not the same color). So you’re not matchy – matchy!  OK, “matchy – matchy” isn’t really a word, but the point here is, you don’t want to look like  twins! Wear clothing made of natural fibers and if your clothing is synthetic, choose a material that has no “sheen.”  Be BOLD!  We love bold colors (other than neon) and you should wear them if it suits your individual style.  On the other hand, please try NOT to wear white (shirts, pants, skirts, & dresses) — trust us on this one and save white clothing for the wedding day.  Men should not wear wear small, tight pin-stripe clothing (specifically where the pin stripes are very tight and close together)

Dresses are perfectly OK ; however, extremely short dresses and skirts will limit posing options and if the material is very lightweight,  the wind can lift a short dress and have you constantly with your hands at your sides, trying to keep the skirt from lifting.

Q:  Should I have my hair and make up done professionally for the engagement session?

A: Yes!  We encourage our brides to have their hair and makeup done professionally, because it helps them to feel more confident and relaxed in front of the camera; this is the perfect time to have your trial hair and make up done for the wedding, so you know how it will look!

Q:  How long do the sessions take?

A: Sessions usually run about two hours, longer for multiple locations.  Please plan for this and have a little something to eat and drink before the session.  It’s no fun photographing grumpy, hungry couples  AND it’s not fun for them either;-)

Q:  When will we get to see our images from the session?

A: Engagement images will be processed and provided to you in an online gallery in approximately 2 weeks (depending on our production/shoot schedules).  Friends and family can purchase prints from this gallery, if they desire.  The bride and groom will order any prints or products directly through our studio.  All prints are processed, retouched, enhanced etc, before being sent to the lab for professional printing.  If we have a little extra time, we try to post a couple of sneak peek images on our Facebook page shortly after your session.

Q:  Can we bring our dog or family to the engagement session?

A: Please do not bring other family members or animals to the engagement session unless first agreed upon by LoRusso Studios.  Engagement sessions are an intimate thing, and we think it’s difficult for our couples to relax in front of an audience :)