April 14, 2013

Its spring PPA Super Monday time again!  This year our class is entitled Creating Dramatic Wedding Portraits. Honestly , the techniques we will be using, can be used with any portrait type of photography, not just weddings.  Seats are limited and going quickly so head on over to PPA’s site to register.

Each of the images below was created using one of the techniques we will be covering to include speed light and video light.  Additionally, we will be covering post production (see below).

LoRusso studios super monday 2013

I truly believe the way I post process my images has played a great role in defining my photographic style. In this class, you will learn the process I use from capture to post which enables me to consistently create dramatic portraits for our clients, regardless of venue, setting, quality of light… or lack there of it.

It all boils down to light.  If it’s time to shoot and you have great light… work the hell out of it.  But as event photographers we have limited control over when we will have access to our clients.  So most of the time wind up shooting in extremely harsh light or the light has long gone. So what to do then?

Speed light: 12×12 quick assemble soft box modifier on flash or unmodified old school bare bulb flash, that’s it. Understand light and the speed light’s limitations and you will create stunning images in extremely harsh conditions.

Video Light: You still need to shoot the bride and groom together and the light has long gone by the time you arrive at the venue for their winter wedding. Doesn’t seem possible… but at times a speed light is too much light and the wrong color temperature.  A simple couch with maybe a table light or  a wall sconce will create dramatic cinematically lit images with the addition of a video light. We shoot these type of video light shots at every single wedding!  We end our albums with them.

Post Production: So we come home and all those dramatic images that we saw on the back of our camera… look kind of ordinary.  Believe it or not… that’s a good thing.  I will show you how to process images to maximize their impact.

Course Date: May 13th, 2013

Course Hours: 9am – 5pm

Items to bring: Camera, lens of choice, flash.

Location: LoRusso Studios, 26 Manchester Rd, Eastampton, NJ.

Instructor Contact: bob@lorussostudios.com

You must register with PPA for this class.  Head over to PPA’s Super Monday Site to Register!

Hope to see ya on Monday May 13th!


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