May 03, 2008

Bobby has been busy with the guitar lately.  He played the talent show at Eastampton Middle School and came in second place (good for a $25 gift card).  You can check out the YouTube video of him performing (playing guitar and singing) “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd.   He also just finished up at the School of Rock in Cherry Hill with an 21 set Indie show (he was in 4 or the songs) that included songs by Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Violent Femmes and others.  And yes that is a drum stick he is raking across his brand new american made Fender Strat.  Check out this video of the last show (they did 2) it is long, but after they introduce all the kids they throw a aluminum trash can out towards the crowd and proceed to beat the hell out of it.  I cant believe my mother and Al sat through this whole show.  While on YouTube if you click on More from blr000007 you will see the other songs as well.  Enjoy.


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