June 13, 2009

Well they say it is good luck when it rains on your wedding day…. well Ticita & Jimmy should be very luck indeed!  The rain just did not let up all day; from the time we arrived, until the time the party winded down, it rained non-stop.  With all the rain and having to move the ceremony inside Ticita handled it all in stride and looked absolutely  beautiful.  Jimmy and about 15 or so Marines were phased none-the-least, they live for this type of weather.  While they would have probably rather been in their battle uniforms, they looked classy and professional in their full dress uniforms.  As Ticita & Jimmy kissed at the end of the saber detail, the marines gave a “To the Corps” shout followed by the loud slap of a saber meeting Ticita’s backside.  Being a Marine herself, I’m pretty sure she knew it was coming :)  Both sets of parents were wonderful and Jimmy’s mother Debbie made a incredible cake full of both their favorite fillings.  Lola and I had a great time seeing these two getting married.   We have known them both for several years and are very happy for them.  Special thanks to my 2nd shooter/Wife who put up with me all day.  Love ya!













Photograph by Lola M. LoRusso 



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  • Bob, you are truly a talented photographer!!! We love them! We want to thank you and Lola for coming out and enhancing our experience with your incredible team work, talent, patience and perfessionalism.
    Semper Fidelis!!!

  • OOPS!!! Looks like I mispelled a few words.

  • Congratulations to you both! Lola and I had a great time, we will have to have a couple drinks next time you are over Matt & Roberta’s. So glad you enjoyed the pictures so far. I will let you know when the rest are ready. Talk to you soon.

  • Crystal Jones

    I LOVE what you did with your images!!! Can’t wait for the rest…!!