September 12, 2009

Colts Neck NJ – Tracey and Nick’s beautiful wedding!

With torrential rain for three days prior to their wedding, Tracey & Nick could not asked for a better day.  The rain held off and there was quite a buzz while Tracey was getting ready.  She looked absolutely stunning as she made her way to the First Presbyterian Church in Freehold, NJ.  The church had some wonderful grounds and helped create some great images.  The reception was held in Colts Neck NJ at Nick’s parent’s home.  What an incredible piece of property!  The lake in the backyard was the perfect backdrop for the rest of the day’s images.  Nick pulled his vintage Camaro out of the garage, and we were able to grab some really cool shots.  Both families were wonderful and very hospitable.  We wish you both the best of luck.

We hope you enjoy this sampling of images and our congratulations to Tracey and Nick!

















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  • Congratulations Tracey and Nick! Loved spending the day with the two of you! Happy to see Bob picked the shot of the guys looking down without my head in there too :)

  • Rick & Tracey,

    Congratulations !!

    You are a beautiful couple.

    I’m proud of you Nick. I now know why you are not answering my e-mails.

    Can’t wait until we can catch-up.

    Ron Larson

  • It was a terrible day of weather, rain rain go away – but it would not listen!

    I was confident that Bob would find his way around the cruddy weather and help the magic of the day shine through our photos, even if the sun wasn’t shining! We had a mob of gals in the house, it was hectic and crazy, but Bob was unobtrusive, working around 20 women searching for shoes, hairspray, lipstick and extra batteries for their cameras. His assistant Sue, bless her heart, came to my rescue as I was attempting to get my dress on when in a moment of panic the zipper stuck, the slip wouldn’t go up and I couldn’t find my way into that thing! Thank you Sue!

    We were blessed with a two hours of dry weather before the ceremony, so we took advantage of the break in rain for some great lawn and house pics. Then, off to the church (after I hosed off my shoes from the mud in the yard), where we ran between the drops to get into the church. It finally stopped raining when we got to the reception, where we started a series of fun pics, with the car, the bridal party and the picturesque backyard.

    Thankfully Bob has experience with cranky grooms, since Nick wasn’t too happy when my dress scratched his baby, the Camaro. Bob quickly switched locations and gave us lots of “1, 2, 3 Smile!” so Nick didn’t have time to frown. Whew!

    To be honest, I never saw Bob or Sue after that, we were too busy dancing our feet off and having fun – Bob and Sue were great at capturing the mood without being in anyone’s way. I think I even saw Bob crack a smile when Teddy decided to dance with Mom with his shirt off. =)

    It was a great day, and it was captured well in just these handful of photos. The oohs and aahs from friends and family from these posted pics have been neverending; can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

    Many thanks Bob and Sue, for making me feel like a fabulous bride!