May 09, 2008

The first show that I ever went to was in 1984 to see Van Halen with David Lee Roth.  I never would have thought that 24 years later, with my son, I would get to see them again.  Lola got ticket a few months ago for the Atlantic City Board Walk hall, the show was originally canceled, they finally made it here last night.  First off Boardwalk Hall is quite the place to see a show!  I literally parked and was drinking a beer in my seat in less than 10 min.  As for Van Halen….. I had no idea what to expect, David Lee is back (and in incredible shape), Wolfie (Eddies son) on bass 24 years later… The show was full of energy and sounded really good.  Edie still can make a guitar scream, when you see them live you really see  how everything is built around his guitar playing.  During his Solo (eruption) I watched Bobby and he just stared at the big screen watching Edie’s hands in awe.  Wolfie can tear the friggin bass up,  obviously he got the gig because of his dad, but he sounded really good (Michael Anthony who) and he also sang backup for every song.  The only complaint I had was that I forgot how dam goofy David Lee Roth is.  I recently saw the Foo Fighters and front man David Grohl had a charismatic, humbling, laid back demeanor, Roth on the other hand is from a different era of flamboyant antics.  With that being said the dude is in incredible shape, his actually ripped, I really didnt want to see his ripped stomach, but read last few sentences about flamboyant front man ship.  Just to many high kicks for me!  Bobby loved the whole show, and that means more to me than anything.  This shot is taken with my iPhone (reduced by 50%)  camera kicks ass.


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